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Finding Senior Singles near you

Senior dating websites should be simple and fun, which is why the team at Singles Over 60 work really hard to help you find love online, making the process as simple and fun as it could possibly be.
When it comes to using the Internet, age really isn't a barrier, in fact people such as yourself have taken to Googling and online shopping like fishes to water. So it's no surprise that senior singles have taken to finding long lasting relationships online too, using services such as ours.

It's your senior dating service, built for you

We don't want to bog you down with 50 levels of computerised matchmaking nonsense like some other sites do. Instead, we like you to feel in control of your own journey rather than a back seat spectator. Sure, when you join us, we will ask you a few simple questions about yourself, to help you write your profile for other senior singles to read, but that's it.

It's the human touch that makes our senior dating site that little bit better than the bigger less focused mainstream services. We let you find compatible partners by browsing local profiles, rather than us telling you things like "Here's Geoff. You’re 100% compatible with Geoff, because you're both Virgo's and you both dislike weeding". Nobody knows you better than you know yourself and you also know the type of person you are looking for, a computer doesn’t need to decide for you.

Popping your senior dating cherry

Now you know you're ready to put yourself out there and meet somebody special to start that brand new and exciting relationship, it's time to get started.

Sign up using the simple form above. It really does take only 60 seconds to join. Once your account is up and running and you start browsing other free senior singles, you'll realise just how much fun online dating really is. You can add those that catch your eye to your favourite list and contact them at your leisure. If you're a little shy and are struggling to break the ice, you can always send somebody a cheeky wink to at least crack the ice a little.

In no time at all you'll start receiving messages from like minded people wanting to get to know you a little better. Don't worry if you simply don't have time to answer everyone, they'll understand.

Why not sign up now and give it a whirl?

By: Melanie Smith

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